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TBE Products: ET500c   - (italian version)

Panel PC for industrial automation, based on arm (ARM9) processor and Gnu Linux-embedded, for operator interface on industrial applications and/or control unit and master of communication.

Industrially compact and robust, with LCD and Touch-screen, provides the potential for development of a small PC.

The versatility of the GUI libraries and development environment allows integration with distributed systems and makes it therefore suitable as user interface for several applications among which:

  • domotics/Building Automation
  • access management/access control
  • .

Sold also in SBC (single board computers) version for OEM applications

If You are a systems integrator interested in our products, please read the page: synergies
Terminale Grafico arm-Linux python-powered
photo by Ruggero ET500c_0 ET500c_1 ET500c_2 ET500c_3   [torna all'inizio] versione SBC (click to enlarge): et500c_sbc_00 et500c_sbc_01 et500c_sbc_02 CPU:
  • ARM9 (920T core) @200 MHz with MMU (EP9315 Cirrus Logic).
  • Cache 16K instructions +16K data.
  • SDRAM 64 MBytes.
  • Flash NOR 32 MBytes.
  • EEPROM internal 16 kbit.
  • LCD TFT VGA (640x480) – 6.4”.
  • Optional: LCD TFT WVGA (800x480) – 7.4”.
  • Touch screen.
  • Ethernet 10/100 Mbs.
  • USB 3 ports Host 2.0 full speed.
  • UART 3 ports 16550 compatible.
  • Debug JTAG IEEE 1149.1 Test Access Port.
Software: Development environment:
  • gnu tools-chain and utilities for a complete cross-development environment for Linux PC (ELDK) (distro independent).
  • Qt-Designer for GUI development.
  • Qt-virtual framebuffer for PC emulation.
  • Optional: Framework for application development dedicated to process-control/HMI, based upon: Python (2.4) (www.python.org). and Qt-embedded (3.x) (www.trolltech.com) It allows the development of apps without the need of a compilation step. Using Python interpreter and socket communication it let the developer writing her/his application with just a text processor over any platform (Linux, Windows(tm), Mac(tm), etc.)
  • Demo apps.
  • 24V DC - 0.5 A.
Mech. dimensions:
  • 196 mm x 130 mm x 56 mm.
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